As Facilities or Porter, you maintain our state-of-the-art entertainment venue,
keeping the field, targets, and building in tip top shape.

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Working in Facilities

Feel accomplished learning new life skills or expanding them whether or not you bring job experience to the Facilities or Porter roles. Not only does Facilities drive the buggies to pick up golf balls, they master the maintenance of the venue while the Porter role masters housekeeping so our Players & Playmakers enjoy a clean, working venue to play and work in. Topgolf’s mission is to hit 50 billion balls by 2025, and our Players count on you to maintain our state-of-the-art entertainment venue (the building, field, and targets) so they can have some epic memories during their time at Topgolf. It takes a good size team of Playmakers to deliver this, and regardless of which Facilities role you work in, your impact is huge, and you will feel the appreciation at Topgolf!
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