Front of House

As a Bar, Busser, Drink Runner, Food Runner, Guest Services, or
Server, you help Create Moments that Matter for Everyone.

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Once you've found your groove as a Topgolf Playmaker and master your role, there are endless internal promotion opportunities that are exclusive to current Playmakers!

Front of House Playmakers

We have an opportunity for you whether or not you have job experience, are looking for your first job, second job, filler job, or a new career. Our promise to you, the Playmaker: A playful environment where you can make new friends. A safe place where you can be your full self, every day. To provide clear direction and tools to do your job. An opportunity to learn and grow. To listen and act when you speak up. We will never stop improving.



Topgolf’s mission is to hit 50 billion balls by 2025, and our Players count on you to provide an experience that is uniquely Topgolf. There are many journeys a Player can take during a visit at Topgolf, and there are different Playmakers that help them navigate through that journey. Each time a Player encounters a Playmaker and every time a player interacts with our venue amenities or game is called a touch point, and our goal at each touch point is to provide both service & hospitality. We never want a Player to be unsure about where to go or what to do because their time is precious, and we want them to have an incredible time.

Playmaker positions are thoughtfully placed at each touch point throughout the Player journey.

From greeting Players at the front door, to checking them into our system, to interacting with them in the bar area or other indoor & outdoor spaces while they enjoy their wait, to when they reach their bay and are first greeted by a Teeliner who provides a bay tour, assists with getting all Players in the system to play, points out the bay amenities, provides a safety demonstration, and helps select a game that matches their skill level, to a Bay Host who meets Players in their bay and provides most of the Player interaction through the rest of the visit including helping select food & beverages, ensuring alcohol is served responsibility, remaining attentive throughout the visit by offering beverage refills, removing used service ware, helping with game play, monitoring safety, and presenting the check when Players have finished enjoying Topgolf, and to our Support Playmakers where, depending on the shift, you will be assigned one of two roles: Caddie to serve drinks or Food Runner to serve food – all who are known for their friendly engagement with Players as they serve and always remove used service items to keep Player’s tables neat and clean before they go.

All roles work together as One Team to provide great service and outstanding hospitality, and our goal is to make our Players want to come back again and again and share their great experience at Topgolf with others.

It takes a big team of Playmakers to create an experience that is uniquely Topgolf. Demonstrating fun, one team, excellence, courage, and caring is at the very core of what it means to be a Topgolf Playmaker. Our Playmakers show Players and fellow Playmakers that they care by finding heartfelt ways to show appreciate, celebrate achievements, and raise spirits – Moments that Matter for Everyone – no matter large or small – that’s the Topgolf Way.

Regardless of which Front of House role you work in, your impact is huge, and you will feel the appreciation at Topgolf!

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